How to Use Protein Shaker Bottle

How to Use Protein Shaker Bottle

A protein shaker bottle is, without a doubt, one of the essential items for fitness enthusiasts. It spares gym-goers and bodybuilders the hassle of gulping down a gooey, sticky protein drink straight from the bottle.

Using this shaker cup, however, might seem simple at first glance, as there’s a bit of confusion and much disagreement about how best to use it.

To address this widely debated issue, we will provide a detailed guide on how to use a protein shaker bottle. Other commonly asked questions about these mixing bottles will also be explored.

What Is a Shaker Bottle?

A shaker bottle is designed with viable features for mixing and drinking nutritional powder supplements. It has a wider opening than a typical drink bottle to prevent spills when scooping large amounts of powder.

The lack of detailed or intricate contours is also a key design element to ensure powder supplements are not clumped together when blended.

What are the benefits of using a protein shaker bottle?

Some people, however, question the practicality of purchasing a shaker bottle, asserting that a regular bottle will suffice. Since they have not tried using the product, they can't possibly provide unbiased comparisons.

Users of the product, however, swear that once they use it, they just can't live without it.

No wonder the market growth for protein shaker bottles is soaring.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should get one.

  • If you're asking yourself whether you really need a protein shaker bottle, know that its first benefit is it saves you money as it prevents spillage of powder supplements.

  • You won't have to drink lumpy protein shakes anymore.

  • A shaker bottle saves you time as it has a built-in device that helps dissolve the powder within seconds.

  • Compared to an ordinary bottle, a shaker bottle is specifically designed with tight lids to prevent leaks and spills.

  • Due to its non-leaking and spill-proof features, it can easily be tucked away in your gym bag and carried anywhere without a fuss.

What Are the Different Types of Shaker Bottles?

Protein shaker bottles can come in myriad shapes, sizes, and functionality features. Here are the different shaker bottle types and discover which suits you best.

Metal Shaker Bottles

Metal shaker bottles last a long time as they are durable and sturdily crafted. Although they are more expensive than other types of shaker bottles, they can save you big bucks in the long run as they can withstand long-term use and be recycled once discarded. They are also good at insulating liquids at your preferred temperature.

Additionally, the surface of stainless steel is covered with a layer of chromium that helps prevent corrosion and resists microbes. It ensures that your shaker bottle is resistant to bacteria and mold, preventing potentially harmful organisms from accumulating and wreaking havoc on your health.

Glass Shaker Bottles

These powder shakers are made of glass. Designed to be 100% recyclable, reusable, and refillable products, these mixers exceed and meet sustainability standards. They also don't contain toxic chemicals.  

As a result, you can store beverages safely, enabling you to use the product daily without any adverse effects on your health.

Electric Protein Shaker Bottles

This type of shaker bottle has gained a considerable amount of popularity in recent years. They are automatic blender bottles with or without a detachable base that, upon charging via USB, does the grinding at the touch of a button.

They are basically like a modified version of a regular blender but with custom-designed features suited to blending protein or other powder-based supplements. Concerning the materials, battery-powered shaker bottles are essentially of the same quality materials.

What spells the difference between them is their design and salient features. Depending on your budget, you may opt to buy an electric protein shake with cool features or one that offers added convenience.

Protein Shakers With Storage

Besides having an array of features typical of a protein shaker, this one has a built-in supplement storage compartment attached to the top. You may want to consider this feature since it eliminates the hassle of carrying a separate supplement container.

Plastic Shaker Cups

These powder shakers are made of plastic and have features that allow for easy mixing and dissolving of powdered supplements. It is, however, vital to use BPA-free, odor-free, and high-quality grade plastic to ensure the safety and hygienic storage of liquids.

Our top-quality plastic shaker cups, for example, have these essential features and are manufactured according to industry standards. Thus, not only are they durable, but they are also safe for everyday use.

If you're buying a good quality plastic shaker cup, check out our well-loved and elegantly designed Inspirational-5 shakers. These are our durable, best-selling shaker bottles meant to satisfy the needs of fitness junkie like you.

How to Use a Protein Shaker Bottle?

Follow these guidelines when using a protein shaker:

1. The water, juice, or milk should be added first to prevent clumping

Adding the liquid first will cover the whole bottle with water, preventing the powder from sticking or clustering to the inner side of the container.

2. Measure and add your protein powder

Make sure you put in the right amount. Too much of anything is not good, and putting less of what is required negates the efficacy of your protein powder or nutritional supplements.

Hence, reading and following the guidelines or supplement labels is crucial to ensure you consume adequate nutrition.

3. Ensure you close the lid tightly to prevent spills

It is not uncommon for shaker bottle lids to come loose if they’re made of shoddy materials. Thus, it is crucial to invest in good-quality protein shakers early on. Because when a low-quality protein shaker leaks out, using it will cost much more in the long run.

4. Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure the powder is dissolved.

If you are using high-quality shaker bottles, you won't have to wait long for the powder to dissolve. Thus, a sturdy and well-made shaker cup will save the day if you're in a hurry.

5. Drink a protein beverage that is clump-free

Using a top-of-the-line protein shaker will allow you to have smooth, clump-free protein shakes after work out.

How to Clean Your Shaker Bottle—the Right Way

Shaker bottles can accumulate bacteria over time if they are not cleaned properly on a regular basis. They are also more likely to last longer if proper cleaning procedures are followed.

Thus, here are the steps to follow when cleaning your protein shaker bottle:

  • Hand wash your shaker bottle [ putting it in the dishwasher can damage its rubber seal, so hand washing the product is advised]
  • Let the bottle soak in warm soapy water for 30 minutes to loosen up the dirt that has accumulated within and outside the bottle.
  • Using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the lid and the whisk, as well as the interior and exterior surface of the bottle.
  • Wash the bottle thoroughly. Ensure there are no soap residues left.
  • Put the shaker upside down on a dish rack to dr

Should the bottle emit a foul smell, you can use equal parts of 1 /4 baking soda and vinegar. Let the mixture sit inside the shaker bottle overnight before cleaning it with warm and soapy water the next day.

Key Takeaways:

A good protein shaker bottle should fit your needs perfectly. Before purchasing one, read our post about finding the best shaker bottles.

Your chosen shaker bottle should have the following features:

  • Smell & BPA Free
  • An airtight lid
  • An agitator that functions properly
  • Detachable components for thorough cleaning and sanitation

Our most  popular shaker bottle has all the aforementioned features.

With our well-loved Inspirational-5 shaker bottles ticking all the boxes, there's no way you can go wrong. Crafted for durability and leak-proof capability, our high-quality shaker cups can be an indispensable part of your fitness routine. They are BPA-free and made from high-grade plastic material to ensure storage safety, making them exceptionally durable and safe to use.

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